Sports Coach Volunteering

Volunteer in Buenos Aires organizing Rugby and Hockey games in the Villas and in Juvenile centers around the city.

Volunteer locations

Buenos Aires city and Buenos Aires province.

Types of Children Care Programs

Kindergartens, Community Centers, and Dining Halls

Average age of the children

Between 2 and 15 years old


Anyone can take part in this program as long as they are passionate about Rugby and or Hockey. 

  • Help organizing training sessions
  • Planning match strategies
  • Leading practice games
  • Assisting in team selection
  • Refereeing
  • Offer friendship and support of youth
Start Date & Minimum Volunteering Time 

We ask our volunteers for a Minimum 1 day per week commitment. You can start at any time, the children need all the help we can get.

Start Your Volunteering Experience

Coaching Sports Volunteering 

You will work with an organization to help coordinate and prepare training sessions daily for youth in the most troubled areas of Buenos Aires. You dont need any previous coaching experience, just a passion for these sports and willingness to get involved 100%. You can join this exciting team today and get started with your programme.

This organization consists of young sports coaches and enthusiasts that organizes Rugby and Hockey trainings in some of the most neglected areas of Buenos Aires and in Juvenile detention centers. Volunteer needs basic spanish skills and and has to know about Rugby or Hockey since they will work together with the local coaches organizing the training sessions and games. In addition to this, tasks may include planning match strategies, leading practice games, and assisting in team selection. Therefore, your role will be to help make sure the fun and enthusiasm continues in every lesson you teach. As a volunteer from abroad, just your presence will help make each session enjoyable and is vital to maintaining the interest while offering support and friendship to the youth.

The volunteer would need commit to 1-2 days a week in the beginning and could be up to 3 days per week after an initial period. The environment is safe and the trips to the games/trainings are always done together in groups with meeting points close to Palermo. Volunteers could also commit to one day a week of work in the office for administration work.

To participate in this project, you will need to speak intermediate Spanish. If you would like to improve your current Spanish, you can join a Spanish Language Course before or during your placement.