Volunteer with Children

Volunteer with children that have mental or physical disabilities, helping with daily care, exercises, and basic education, as well as offering your friendship and support. If you would like to participate in this option, you can enroll today.

Volunteer locations

Buenos Aires city and Buenos Aires province.

Types of Children Care Programs

Kindergartens, Community Centers, and Dining Halls

Average age of the children

Between 2 and 15 years old


Anyone can volunteer in this project. 


Volunteers work on achieving the goals set out in the Care Management Plan. Running educational games & group activities.

Start Date & Minimum Volunteering Time 

We ask our volunteers for a minimum of 1 week but the ideal time is 4 weeks. You can start at any time, the children need all the help we can get.

Start Your Volunteering Experience

More information:


Run by Psychologists and Educators that are working with disabled children of all ages.

1 a week on Saturday afternoons, organizing sporting games/activities, football matches, cultural activities (for example drawing, games etc.). Volunteers are very welcome even on short notice or shorter commitment as long as they are reliable.

On Saturday afternoons they organize Sports, playing activities with children of all ages from 7- 15 with various types of disabilities in a social center in Caballito. Typically there would be about 15 - 20 kids + at least 3-4 educators and a few volunteers. The Volunteers are required to help organizing games for warm up such as races and basic exercises and then a game of football is organized between the kids.

After that they take part in the educational part, which consists of drawing, board games and other types of games. Suggestions by volunteers are very welcome. Especially if they had some experience in the past working with children or with disabilities. After that they have a merienda all together. The activities start at 15hs - approx.18hs.



Full CV
Sporting interest (ready to organize football games and/or other sporting activities)
Interest in helping organize educational activities (drawing… etc.)
Minimum of 4 weeks of commitment
Photocopy of passport

(Volunteers should indicate if they have a background in psychology or pedagogy but without is also possible as long as they love sports and working with children).